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Installing brand new flooring is one of the most costly home repair tasks. Where do you start with so many options—hardwood, laminate, engineered wood, vinyl, and tile?

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Flooring Modesto Buying Guide

The budget will undoubtedly play a role in your decision. And style matters, even more so if you're updating with the intention of selling. Wide planks and herringbone designs are popular for wood, engineered wood, and wood-look laminate flooring, as are dark brown tones and gray-brown blends. Porcelain tile that goes together in a pattern is very popular, particularly in compact places like bathrooms.

Additionally, you should evaluate the foot traffic, sunshine, and wear and tear that your flooring will receive. For instance, some engineered woods and a few types of solid wood flooring are not as resistant to moisture as vinyl or laminate flooring—a significant disadvantage in a bathroom or busy kitchen. Porcelain tile is a more durable option — and some recent porcelain tile designs resemble the look and texture of wood — but it may be costly and labor-intensive to install.

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Flooring Modesto California Checklist

Consistency in Comparison
Manufacturers make an attempt to match the color and grain of solid and engineered wood floors. However, differences may occur between batches, so purchase all of your flooring Modesto at once. On the other hand, laminate floorboards within a given package may share a similar pattern, which the eye can pick up on when fitted too closely together. When installing, shuffleboards from multiple packages to avoid repetition.

Measuring Prevents Errors
To figure the amount of flooring you'll require, multiply the room's length by its width. (Divide an irregularly shaped room into smaller rectangles and add the square footage of each rectangle.) Then purchase an additional 7 to 10% to account for errors, faulty samples, and waste. Consider purchasing an additional box of flooring in addition to the additional 7 to 10% for future repairs or upgrades.

Be Aware of Your Traffic Patterns
The entrances to rooms and the house itself are frequently high-traffic zones. Consider extremely tough flooring for family rooms and other common areas frequented by pets and children. Our top-of-the-line goods outperformed the competition in simulated foot-traffic tests. Consider one of the best-engineered wood or bamboo floors for less-trafficked areas due to their natural veneer and ease of installation.

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How To Test Flooring

By sending one 6x6" sample of every flooring material to an abrasion machine equipped with a sandpaper disk, we test wear resistance and evaluate each sample for signs of visible wear after each sanding cycle.

We use a hefty, blunt weight that resembles a cup or large can of tomatoes and a little, lighter, more pointed object that acts as a proxy for culinary utensils to assess a ground resistance to denting. Our test weights are dropped from increasingly high release points, and the floors are checked for dents following each drop. The larger the decrease before the damage becomes apparent, the higher the dent resistance of the floor.

By exposing part of the sample to ultraviolet radiation for two weeks straight, we estimate the possibility for fading and then compare the exposed piece to one unexposed part. This tells us what could occur to a floor portion that gets more sunshine over time than the rest of the room.

Here are ways to save:

  • Prices for over-the-counter discounts check. Their products are purchased straight from producers.
  • You may typically save on opened or damaged boxes or on floors where it's not detected with small defects.
  • You can install a floor yourself if the floor is flat. • (These sorts are shown by our flooring ratings.) However, any floor that must be adhesive, stacked, or closed is better left for professionals.
  • When you hire a pro, by doing yourself some work, you can still cut off hundreds of dollars. Remove the tack boards and pull up the carpet. Bang outstretched nails or staples into the basement and took any dirt or dust. If you are handy, eliminate any cuts around the edge of the floor by nailing or sanding down some high points.

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"My floors have been completely transformed. The staff was well-kept, considerate of the other levels, and productive. I am quite satisfied."

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 715 Kearney Avenue Modesto, CA